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Steve with the Jeyes Family for our first sauce tasting and bottle development September 2020

Meet The Maker

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Steve, alongside the family and  special guests launched the sauce live on BBC Radio Northamptonshire 
October 2020

Steve Reid is a well-known local culinary expert in researching and producing chutneys and sweet preserves from old Northamptonshire recipes. He has his own successful brand “Friars Farm” and welcomed the challenge to reproduce the perfect Jeyes’s Northamptonshire Sauce. Using the original recipe from Philadelphus dating back to 1835, Steve used his skills to adapt the sauce for the modern palate and has produced today's smooth and subtly spiced Jeyes's Northamptonshire Sauce.

To purchase some of Friars Farm bespoke home produced jams, chutneys, sauces, syrups and mustards please visit his site