The Jeyes Family Heritage

Jeyes' Family Crest

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Tenacious & Faithful

For 380 years, the name of Jeyes, has certainly remained true to the motto "Tenex et Fidelis" engraved on the family crest. Tenacious and Faithful to the profession of Pharmacy from John Jeyes 1635, to (Arthur) David Jeyes, who retired on his 70th birthday, 2015. 

The Jeyes pharmacy business began in The Drapery, Northampton by our famous ancestors Philadelphus & John Jeyes. The partnership of the two brothers saw many inventions but none more important than the invention of the renowned Jeyes Fluid in 1870. Jeyes Fluid has achieved worldwide fame and still hold Royal Patronage today. 

The Jeyes Family Today


It's a family affair at Jeyes!

Over the last 39 years David and Georgina along with their children Philippa, Dan and Anna, have developed a popular, award-winning and welcoming visitor attraction for all the family to enjoy. Jeyes of Earls Barton is  in the heart of the village and welcomes families, groups and visitors from across the world to shop, lunch and explore. 


Anna, Pip & Georgina Jeyes

are proud supporters of '

Made In Northamptonshire' local produce

 The Jeyes Heritage & Pharmacy Museum

at Jeyes of Earls Barton 

The official launch of Jeyes's Northamptonshire Sauce

October 2020